Spent an hour trying to get an old pc to boot because I need some data from a CD and neither of my main computers has a CD-ROM drive. This thing hasn’t been powered on in 3 years at least, the power supply was dead so I swapped it out. CMOS battery was dead, went through every drawer and box in the house and found one. Booted it up and remembered that one of the reasons I quit using it was that the CD-ROM drive doesn’t work. But at least I have one more crappy working computer.

Bored with Fallout 4 again but not Fallout. New Vegas then I suppose.

OMG fuck Twitter’s API. My new bot got banned within 5 minutes of starting. All I want to do is share random LOTR quotes. I only posted 2 tweets.

I wasn't going to fuck with twitter's api but curiosity got the best of me. Made this bot to match the mastodon bot I made.

Whoever decided that shorts violate the dress code at work, fuck you.

I had never written a bot before, now I have. Now I’m going to write a million of them.

I’m blocking the pawoo domain from my instance . JFC

NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

Server Admin Stuff 

Trying to automate my Mastodon instance maintenance 100%. So far so good I think. Biggest issue is monitoring disk space. It gets used up really quick so I wrote a script that deletes media and any toots I haven’t interacted with for 3 days. I set it up as a systemd service with a timer that runs the script every 4 hours. Set up a cron job to email me once a day with the disk usage info. We’ll see how that works.

Here’s Europa With Jupiter in the back ground. Gotta get motivated to finish the Sol stage.

Making a new game, 16 bit style with old school difficulty. No save states just like when I was a kid. I let my kids play the first level and they couldn’t quit until they beat it. Working on some art today, I’ll post a gameplay video later.

Showed up to work with flip flops on. Had to go home to put on shoes. Great start to the work week.

Here is my post. I’m a filthy casual gamer, the world’s okayest father, work in IT but am breaking into programming.

I get along with pretty much everyone regardless of their personal philosophies as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.

Interests include:

Thinking about running through Fallout New Vegas again.

Deploying forced hard drive encryption over 2 separate domains. Should be fine right?

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